There's many objectives I want to accomplish with this project. I would not have worked so hard on this project if I didn't think it was going to be something worthwhile. Here are some things I hope to achieve with this website:

  • Help people lose weight.
  • Combat the obesity epidemic in the United States.
  • Help people feel better about themselves, improve their health, and improve their appearance.
  • Find the most healthy way to lose weight. A plan that is fun and rewarding, not punishing.
  • Save lives that are caused by morbid obesity.
  • Educate the public about nutrition and weight loss so they can lose weight easier.
  • To bring something beautiful and good into the world, something that will make the world a better place.
Another motivation for this website is to find the answer to a big question: What is the most attractive body weight? I know scary skinny isn't attractive. I have been scary skinny before and it was more alarming than sexy.

Backstory behind 12.9

There's a personal reason behind this website that I want to share with my visitors.

My entire life I have struggled with my weight and negative body image. I was so disgusted with my own body that I hated shopping for clothes. Clothes were not something for fashion or protection from the cold, but to cover up my hideous body.

In my school years people would make fun of my weight, and I wasn't even overweight then. But I would get called "pudge", "fatty", and "titties".

One day I overheard two teachers conversing. One teacher informed the other that one of the Reed boys was always late for school. The teacher replied, "The skinny one or the chubby one?".

That comment has stuck with me until this day.

In my high school years I got down to 140 lbs. I was so thin but even then when I saw pictures of myself I still disliked my body.

My first relationship was even more destructive to my negative self image. My first boyfriend would constantly criticize my appearance. He would make fun of my flat butt, my posture, my acne scars, my man breasts, and the list goes on.

I hope with this website, I will not only help others but also help myself to learn how to love, or at most, accept my body for what it is. I want people to feel better about their bodies, improve their health and appearance.